Incidents from Ramana Maharshi’s Life – Wounded Dove

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The wounded Dove

One day, a devotee brought a wounded dove and gave it to Bhagavan. He held it in the hand and asked the devotees gathered in the Hall, ‘Who will take good care of this bird. until it gets quite well?’ No one offered.

Sometime Backthe Maharani of Baroda, had offered a white peacock to the Asramam, and everybody was eager to take charge of it. Bhagavan looked around and started talking to the bird, ‘What a pity, you are not a peacock sent by Maharani. You are a mere dove, a useless little thing. Not a costly bird. Who wants you? Who will take care of you? Don’t worry. I will take care of you.’ The dove was kept in a cage and was looked after. It was released from the cage after it became well. The concern of Bhagavan had for the well being of all jivas is evident from this incident.

(Source: Sri Ramana Smriti.)

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