Incidents from Ramana Maharshi’s Life – First Pair of Peacocks

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Bhagavan’s First Pair of Peacocks

One day, Bhagavan looking at Madhava, the white peacock, told Suri Nagamma, ‘Look, their ears are not visible. In the usual place for ears, there are three holes. They are covered by feathers in the shape of fan.’ Suri Nagamma said, ‘Is that so? I never knew it before.’ Bhagavan then remarked, ‘I observed this while I was on the Hill. We then had two peacocks with us. The peahen always used to sleep on my lap. I observed this when she was thus sleeping. The peacock never came close to me. He used to wander about in all sorts of places. The peacock would call the peahen to accompany him wherever he went, but like a child, she would leave me and go. She would sit by my side or sleep on my lap. The peahen was very attracted to me.’

Devotee Suri Nagamma said, ‘Little girls are always more attracted to Bhagavan and Bhagavan also shows greater affection towards them.’

Bhagavan who was reminded of those peacocks, told Suri Nagamma about them. ‘One day a fellow took the peahen away by force. She never returned. What happened I don’t know! But the peacock never left me. However he breathed his last on my lap. He was buried and we built a tomb for him there.’

‘How very fortunate the peacock was!’ Suri Nagamma said.

‘Yes, Yes, said Bhagavan and was silent again.

(Source: Letters from Sri Ramanasramam, Suri Nagamma.)

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