Incidents from Ramana Maharshi’s Life – Vigil of the Crow

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Vigil of the Crow

In the earliest days of present Sri Ramanasramam, when Mother’s Samadhi was being built, the Asramites when digging a spot to collect mud for building Samadhi, found a fresh water spring with continuous flow. At that time,

Bhagavan was still living in Skandasramam. Chinna Swami took sample of water to Bhagavan and asked whether it could be used for the daily needs. That evening

Bhagavan came down and saw it and said it was a perennial spring which would not dry even in summer. Therefore, a pit of three feet length and three feet depth was dug. The devotees stacked the dried tree stump into the ground to hold while lifting the water from the spring. Once they found to their utter surprise, that a crow, setting aside its usual caution, was sitting on the top of the post for three days without stirring and even without food. On the third day, Kunju Swami told Bhagavan, when He was returning to the Old Hall from His usual walk, about the crow’s undisturbed stay on the stump near the spring. Bhagavan immediately arose from the couch and walked outside. Those in the Hall were surprised, as Bhagavan usually did not stir outside at this time. Going close to the crow, Bhagavan inquired, ‘What is the matter?’ The crow slowly opened its eyes. Bhagavan asked His attendant to bring His kamandalu. Then holding the crow in one hand, He poured a few nectar drops of water into its beak. Immediately, after this, the crow breathed its last in Bhagavan’s hand.

Bhagavan arranged and supervised the samadhi and when someone remarked the crow must have been a great soul waiting for the touch of Bhagavan. He replied, ‘Yes. It appears so.’

The pit was enlarged later into a big well. As Bhagavan said the well has perennial water source. Even in the very dry summer months, the well does not dry up. The water is used only for temple purposes like Abhishekam, cooking Naivedyam etc., It is the same that is found in between Bhagavan’s Shrine and old dining hall.

Kavyakanta named the well as Aha samana tirtham, the waters that keep the mind calm and stable.

(Source: One Hundred and Twenty Five Years of Grace.)

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