Incidents from Ramana Maharshi’s Life – Victory for Sparrows

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Victory for Sparrows

Sparrows would collect dry grass, tiny sticks, cotton, thread, dried leaves etc., and build their nests on the beams in the Old Hall. Bhagavan’s attendant, Madhava Swami, with a long bamboo pole would poke the nest and remove them. When sparrows came and saw, they were angry. They went straight and chirped in front of Bhagavan, complaining about their misfortune.

Bhagavan called Madhava Swami and asked him who had disturbed their nests. Madhava Swami replied, that as they were dirtying the Hall, with garbage, he had to remove the nest.

Bhagavan challenged Madhava Swami saying, ‘Poor creatures. They wanted to build a nest to lay eggs in it and hatch them to raise family. It was a very natural thing for them. Let it be. They will again build their nest. Let us wait and see who will win this war between you and the sparrow.’

Those sparrows with grit and determination again and again built the nest collecting dry grass, cotton, tiny sticks, thread etc.,

Finally they succeeded, laid eggs and hatched them. The young ones grew and became independent. They all flew away winning the challenge.

So it was Madhava Swami who lost the battle.

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