Incidents from Ramana Maharshi’s Life – Protection from the cold

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Protection from the cold

It was a very cold winter season. One night there was no electricity. Petromax lights were lighted. Then the devotees noticed that two sparrows were sitting in front of the petromax light and warming themselves. Bhagavan’s attendant wanted to close the windows of the Hall to ward off cold draft which was blowing. Bhagavan stopped the attendant by saying, ‘No.

Don’t close the windows! These sparrows have come to protect themselves from the cold. For them there are no blankets as we have. Let them stay here. Whenever they want to fly out, they can go through the windows. Do not trouble them.’

So saying, Bhagavan showed His solicitude for the sparrows. Bhagavan had Samabhavanam for all creatures high or low.

He would say, ‘The sparrows also have the same consciousness, Atma, like human beings. Only the forms are different.’ (Source: Divya Jeeva Makarandam.)

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