Incidents from Ramana Maharshi’s Life – Pups like small kids

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Pups are like small kids

Bhagavan had the same concern for all beings – be it a human or an animal. He demonstrated it also.

a) There was a small pup in the Asramam. He was always near Bhagavan and often used to sit on His couch also.

One day, the pup urinated on Bhagavan’s couch. The attendants were very angry and were about to beat the pup.

But compassionate Bhagavan came to the rescue of the pup and defended the pup. ‘The pups of the dogs should be treated as small children. Do you get angry if a small human child had done it?’ So, Bhagavan got up to clean the place.

The attendants felt ashamed of themselves for treating the pup badly. They cleaned the place by themselves.

b) There was another puppy, which would always relieve herself on a spot near the office. Chinnaswami would get furious and try to drive her out of the

Asramam. But Bhagavan would come to the rescue of the puppy, saying that if some child

did the same nobody would be angry, and the puppy was only a child and knew no better.

(Source: Arunachala Ramana, Volume 3.)

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