Incidents from Ramana Maharshi’s Life – Attachment to Bhagavan

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Attachment to Bhagavan

Sri Bhagavan, when He was in a reminiscent mood would talk about life on the Hill and His experiences about the peacocks.

One day, He talked about a particular peacock which was with Him in


When I was in Melasramam (Skandasramam), a peacock would come to me daily from the town and stay with me for prolonged periods. The owner used to come and take him home. The peacock persisted in coming often and staying with me. One day he refused to go Backwith the owner. The owner, perhaps lost his patience and suddenly burst out humorously, ‘Swami, Give me money and take this peacock. Of what use is to me when it does not stay with me but is always found in your presence?’

I told him, ‘Why should I do so? Where am I go for the money? I am a penniless ‘Swamiyar’ with a piece of kaupeenam. You can take your peacock away. I did not call him here.’

But the peacock continued to come as usual and none succeeded in stopping him from coming to me.

(Source: Timeless in Time – A.R. Natarajan)

Dancing of peacocks and snake

When Bhagavan was in Skandasramam, there were peacocks. They would spread their feathers like a spangled fan and dance.

There was a cobra too which would also take part in the pastime and raise its hood and moved about in their midst. Actually the peacocks and snakes are enemies and they fight until one of them die. But in Sri Bhagavan’s Asramam, it was a beautiful sight for the devotees who were fortunate to witness the group dancing performance in awe. This can happen only in a Rishi’s Ashram.

(Source: Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi, Talks # 324).

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