A Sadhu’s Reminiscences Foreword

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An ordinary reader will find this small book very interesting reading and useful too; a discriminating one will appreciate how the teachings have been brought in unobtrusively and, as it were, unconsciously; a good sadhak will delight to note how the meanings of maya, of “original sin”, of dhyana, savikalpa samadhi, nirvikalpa samadhi and sahaja samadhi have been simplified. Without polemics the highest truths of the Upanishads have been lucidly stated and many a seeker will be thrown Backinto the bosom of Reality while reading it. Bhagavan Ramana was the greatest miracle in our living memory not only because He was the living Reality but also He made the same so easily accessible to His votaries among whom Mr. Chadwick – or Sadhu Arunachala – stands one of the foremost. I say foremost deliberately because he has made the same truths so clear in his inimitably simple way.

The pen picture of Sri Ramana is so vivid and complete that any worthy disciple cannot fail to testify to its being faithful in spirit and accurate in detail.

Of course there are some elaborate books on Sri Ramana which present the different facets of the Gem but this book presents the Gem itself to the readers!

God bless the unostentatious writer of this small and invaluable book!

We regret that since the publication of the First Edition of this book in 1961, Sadhu Arunachala passed away in April 1962, Swami Ramanananda Saraswathi in February 1963 and Sri T. K Sundaresa Iyer in February 1965.

October, 1966. PUBLISHERS.

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