Reminiscences by Sri Kunjuswami – Deep Meditation

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Parayana and Bhagavan’s Deep Meditation

At Skandasram we would sit before Sri Bhagavan every evening at 6.30 and recite Aksharamanamalai. Sri Bhagavan used to close his eyes reclining on the pillows. We would finish the recitation exactly at 7.30 when we generally had our supper. Once in two or three days, during the parayana, Sri Bhagavan would go into deep meditation. Even at the end of the parayana, he would not open his eyes. We used to call him gently, but Sri Bhagavan would be completely oblivious to his surroundings. To wake him up, Perumalswami, Akhandananda, Mastanswami and I would take out some conches at the ashram and blow them. The sound of the conch used to penetrate into him and bring him Backto the external world slowly. On such days, we would eat only at 9 p.m. This happened frequently. Even after moving to his Mother’s Samadhi at the foot of the hill, this used to happen once in a week or ten days. Dandapaniswami used to massage Sri Bhagavan’s feet to wake him up, but in vain. He used to become aware of the external world only through our blowing of the conches. It is said in Vasishtam that Sri Krishna had to blow the conch to wake Prahladha from his tapas.

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