Reminiscences by Sri Kunjuswami – God’s Gift of Grace

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God’s Gift of Grace

I was born in January 1897 in Cherakkodu, a village between Palghat and Chittoor in Kerala. I am the third child of my parents, who belonged to the middle class. There was nothing unusual about me till my third year. However, I neither played with other children nor cried petulantly. I used to sit quietly in some place. Observing my unusual behaviour, my father showed my horoscope to my maternal uncle, who was an expert astrologer. After studying the horoscope, he said with delight; “This is not a child we deserve; it is a diving one. In the matter of food and other things, you must be extra careful with this child.” My father was very happy to hear this. He had read Kaivalyam (KaivalyaNavaneetha) and other Vedantic works and was a deeply religious person. Hence he was very happy that he had been blessed with a divine child.

On a fine morning in January 1920, I set out for Tiruvannamalai without informing at home. Thinking that I would not return to that house, I prostrated to the house and my parents within and left my village. I thought someone might spot me if I went to Palghat station; so I went to a very small unimportant railway station called Kanjikodu and asked the booking clerk when the train to Tiruvannamalai would arrive. I was told that it would come in the evening. I waited in fear of being recognised by someone known to me. I forgot hunger and thirst in my fervent desire to see Sri Bhagavan. As I had to buy the ticket with the five rupees I had, I did not eat anything till evening.

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