Guru Ramana Vachana Mala – Experience

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Chapter III – Experience

10. Liberation

219. There never was any bondage for the Self who is the only Reality (there is); He is ever free and aware; the one that is bound is the illusory jiva (ego).

238. The Supreme Silence that arises as pure Consciousness on the death of the ego, through the mind becoming free of thoughts in the heart, is the transcendental speech.

11. Non-Duality

247A. Various questions and answers are possible in the language of duality, not in the Silence of Non-Duality; thus did Acharya Ramana set forth the transcendental nature of Non-Duality.

12. Consciousness

263. The triad of knower, knowing and known does not exist in the Transcendental State; Consciousness is the very nature of the Self.

275. This Pure Consciousness, which is the nature of the Real Self, is uncaused, eternal, transcendental, the moveless basis of the bits of objective knowledge coming to living beings.

13. The Real Self

287. That Pure Consciousness which is the Reality, and which shines without a break as ‘I am I’ when the mind becomes calm, is the Supreme Bliss.

299. That sleepless, unwinking Deity who directs the intellects from within, unknown to them, is the Self.

15. The Jivanmukta

312. He whose mind is swallowed by the Light of the Self is not affected as before by anything whatever, though seeing, hearing, smelling, eating foods, breathing and walking (as before).

347. He that meditates on the true nature of the Jivanmukta who is identical with Siva as the Self of all through the death of the mind, obtains Experience of the Self.

16. Conclusion

349. Long live Arunachala; long live Sri Ramana; long live His devotees; long live (also) this Paramartha Dipa, called Guru-Ramana-Vachana-Mala.

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