Ramana Arunachala – 7.Ramana Sadguru

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Chapter Seven: Ramana Sadguru

There are , moreover, positive indications that the guidance still exists.

When asked once whether a Jivanmukta continues to perform any function after physical death, Bhagavan replied that in some cases it is so.

When his physical death was imminent and devotees complained that he was leaving them without guidance, he replied: “You attach too much importance to the body,” indicating thereby that his discarding it would not put an end to their guidance.

In reply to a question by Dr. Masalavala, retired Medical Officer of Bhopal State, Bhagavan replied, as recorded by Devaraja Mudaliar in ‘Day by Day with Bhagavan’: “Guru is not the physical form, so the contact will continue even after the physical form of the Guru vanishes.”

His devotees know that he is still the Guru. They have felt the continuance of a guidance not only as potent but as subtle and detailed as before. For those who seek to turn to him it is best to say as he did to those who questioned the heart centre of which he spoke – that it is not discussion that is needed but trial. Let them invoke his Grace and strive in the way he prescribed and they will find out for themselves whether the Grace and guidance of the Guru are forthcoming.

The silent meditation and the morning and evening chanting of the Vedas continue before the Samadhi of Bhagavan as they did in his body presence. Now as then, access is for all, whatever their caste or religion. The spiritual support that comes in sitting before the Samadhi is not only as strong but as sweet and subtle as it was before the bodily presence.

To all those who turn to Bhagavan in their hearts the response is even more immediate, the support more powerful. Not only that (for that is true wherever they may be) but the spiritual revitalisation that they used to derive from a visit to Tiruvannamalai still continues, even though the beloved face is hidden.

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