Ramana Arunachala – 1.Ramana Arunachala

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Chapter One: Ramana Arunachala

He was One with the Being that contains and transcends them. When he continued to wear the human form after transcending the human and all other states, he accepted its limitations – to feel heat and cold, to suffer pain and sickness, to be bound by ignorance of events. Had he worn a human body but set himself free from its conditions of pain and sickness and ignorance of events, people would have said: “It is easy for him to tell us to abide in the heart, unperturbed by events, because he has no pain or uncertainty and we have.” But he accepted pain and uncertainty as features of the human form and showed that they cannot touch the equanimity of the Jnani, who remains fixed immovably in the Real. This gave force to his teaching, since he was but exhorting his devotees to do as he did.

However, the teaching of Sri Ramana is, by its nature, not intended to cause such an upheaval as that of Buddha or Christ or even Shankara, for he did not come to preach a new religion or to restore an existing one. His work was to open a new spiritual path suited to the conditions of the modern world and accessible to all who turned to him, from whatever religion or community they might be. That is to say that it is an appeal not to whole communities but to those individual among them who can see their own good and pursue it.

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