My Recollections of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Chapter 7

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Chapter VII

All Jnani’s like our Bhagavan regard the body only as a burden to be discarded.

Long before this conversation with Mr. Sastriar, Bhagavan had discussed this question with us. He said: “Suppose you go to a firewood depot, buy a faggot of firewood and engage a coolie there to carry it to your house. As you walk along with him, he will be anxiously looking forward to his destination so that he can throw off his burden and be happy and relieved. In the same way the Jnani is anxious to throw off his body”. I believe he quoted a Tamil stanza which contains the above statement. However, after explaining this he added: “The above exposition is all right as far as it goes. But strictly speaking even this is not quite accurate. The truejnani is not even anxious to shed his body, he is indifferent alike to the existence or non-existence of the body, being almost unaware of it”.

From the night of April 13th his state was seen to be critical, nevertheless he insisted on the 14th that the crowd of devotees should not be denied their darshan of him. So we all filed past the open doorway of the little room where he lay and had darshan in the morning of the 14th and again at about 6-30 in the evening. He attained Mahasamadhi at 8-47 p.m. on April 14, 1950 and at the same moment a meteor-like flash, leaving a trail some yards long, appeared in the sky to the south-west and moved north eastwards to Arunachala Hill where it disappeared behind the peak. The light that was Bhagavan thus merged in the Pillar of Light that was and is Arunachala, the Sacred Hill.

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