My Life at Sri Ramanasramam – Where will Bhagavan Go ?

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Where will Bhagavan Go?

On 23rd July, after Bhagavan had read a letter from a Madurai devotee, he said to me, “Look! This devotee asks why there should be so many sorts of treatment for Bhagavan? Would it not be better if one of the devotees took over Bhagavan’s ailment?

Overwhelmed with grief, I replied, “Yes. That is correct. Instead of you yourself suffering this pain, why don’t you distribute it to all of us? Whenever food is brought to Bhagavan, you distribute it. So why not distribute the illness likewise. We do not have the ability to take it upon ourselves and so Bhagavan himself will have to pass it on to us. I am asking you to give it to me. Why not give it?”

As I said this, I burst into tears and could not say any more. Bhagavan merely looked at me with compassion, nodding his head and remained quiet. All the devotees in the hall shed tears. Bhagavan always conducts himself according to the situation. If anyone slightly familiar with Bhagavan would say in a powerful mood, “Please somehow cure yourself of this ailment,” Bhagavan would merely answer, “What can I do? What have I to do? What is there for me to do?”

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