My Life at Sri Ramanasramam – Healing of Another Tumour

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Healing of Another Tumour

Bhagavan had a cousin called Ramaswami. His wife, Ammalamma, came for the Kumbhabhishekam and stayed on for a while. One morning that venerable old lady came to Bhagavan and, after prostrating, told him that a relative was sick and that she had to go. Noticing that she had a tumour as big as a lime fruit on the upper portion of her neck Bhagavan asked her what it was. She said she did not know but that it was slowly increasing in size. She said there was no pain unless it was pressed. “Oh! Yes, Yes,” said Ramana. “See. How it is growing. The one on my arm was of the same nature. If the plasters and medicine received from Nellore are applied, that tumour may heal up.” Bhagavan looked at one of the devotees sitting near him, asking him to fetch the required items. “It seems it is a good medicine,” explained the Master. “Let her at least be cured; it is no use for me as I have been operated upon.”

When the devotee brought the tin containing the medicine, Bhagavan took it and looking at me said, “Here is the medicine. Give it to her. Let her at least be cured.” As soon as he said this the woman’s son, Viswanatha Brahmachari, came in. Bhagavan called him and said, “Look! Give this to your mother. I have been operated upon, you see. So why use this medicine for me? Let her get the benefit of it instead.” The lady, took the medicine asprasadam ( a holy gift ). It seems she applied the plaster with some green leaves, and cotton lint dipped in milk and finally the tumour disappeared. When I heard Bhagavan saying, “Let her at least be cured,” I felt very disheartened. Did it mean he would not get cured? If the doctors had said that they had removed the tumour completely and that it would not recur, why were we hearing such ominous words from Bhagavan? My head began to reel with all sorts of misgivings.

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