My Life at Sri Ramanasramam – Resumption of Writing Letters

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Resumption of Writing Letters

One day, I felt tired of writing and wished some one would help me in the work. Feeling that way, I went to Bhagavan and sat before him. He proceeded to casually tell the story of the sparrow and Garuda and incidentally remarked:

“People who do good work and have a mind to choose self-enquiry never give up their work, although they feel it to be a burden. As in the case of the sparrow in the story, help comes from somewhere, just as Garuda came to the help of the bird. By God’s grace help comes of its own accord.” This very timely message came to me most unexpectedly and cheered me up considerably.

Every now and then, people from the Ashram office used to enquire, if I was still writing letters and I used to say no. I was, however, feeling guilty because it was not true. I used to wonder why I should continuously have to speak lies and why I should write letters in that adverse atmosphere; also why I should not give up the work altogether. With these doubts and fears worrying me, I went up to Bhagavan one day only to find him relating incidents of his childhood days. “I too told a lie to my aunt on the day I left Madurai”, said Bhagavan. He added, “It is not we that speak the lie. Some force makes us say so. Even Sankara took to sanyasa only by telling a lie.” In this way Bhagavan cleared all my doubts concerning the letters.

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