Moments Remembered – Joyful Ramana

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10. Joyful Ramana

Long before Rajkumari Prabhavati Raj e got married she presented Bhagavan with a pair of bookends with a specific request that Bhagavan should keep them Himself and not give them away to the office or to any one else. Beside Bhagavan was a rotating bookshelf, and He often referred to the books kept there. Books were heaped above it also. Seeing this Prabhavati Raje brought the bookends and insisted that they should be used there. Years passed; she was married and had to live away from Bhagavan.

Those were the days of Bhagavan’s bodily existence. Prabhavati came to offer her homage to her Beloved Master. She joined the long queue and waited for the darshan. Bhagavan was very weak but He insisted on giving darshan to devotees in spite of the medical advice against it. Each devotee could have only a glimpse of Him before moving on to make room for the next. When Prabhavati stood transfixed Bhagavan was compassionate enough to shower His gracious look on her and simultaneously He directed the look towards the inside of the room. Since she did not understand His gesture He took the trouble of raising His right hand (His left hand was afflicted by sarcoma) and stretched it towards the bookshelf or rather above the bookshelf. The bookends presented by her were there put to good use by Him though many years had rolled by. She was thrilled. How the Master fulfilled even the simplest wishes of the devotee! Not only that. The incident assumes greater importance when we take into account Bhagavan’s very bad state of health and the effort it would have cost Him to move and point to the bookends. Prabhavati burst into tears and sobbed. Bhagavan blessed her profusely through His gracious look!

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