Moments Remembered – Foreword

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Moments Remembered form a collection of reminiscences which Sri V. Ganesan lovingly culled from his many years of contact with the seniormost devotees of Sri Ramana. Appearing regularly over the last five years in The Mountain Path magazine, devotees would await and enj oy each instalment of the new reminiscences.

Knowing Ganesan quite closely, my husband and I were fortunate to join him during a number of these story sessions. On many occasions we would join a small group of devotees and listen with rapt attention to even the simplest detail of Bhagavan’s life. Sitting on the rocks of the base of Arunachala, the temple bells would ring in the distance while the setting sun illumined the evening sky. As the devotee spoke his face would glow with the radiant presence of Sri Ramana. We were effortlessly transported to that Presence and could even smell the incense wafting through the peace of the Old Hall where the story was often set. It is this special transmission of grace which shines through the collected reminiscences in Moments Remembered.

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