Letters From Ramanashram – WHAT DOES BHAGAVAN LIKE MOST?

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16th February, 1949

Several people that come to Bhagavan’s presence become interested in Self-Enquiry and do Sadhana. Other people are not satisfied with mere looking around. They begin to say, “We will repair this,” or “We will improve that.” If they asked Bhagavan, he would say, “Yes, yes. That is good no doubt, but discuss the matter with the Office.” If the office staff and those people agree and place the matter before Bhagavan, he would merely nod his head in approval, but if they did not agree and sought his opinion, he would say, “I do not know. Do as you think best.” And as soon as they left, he would tell devotees, “Look. Without minding the purpose for which they come to the Asramam, they begin thinking of reforming the Asramam. It is enough if they reform themselves. Instead of that, they say, ‘We will do this and we will do that.’ What then? If all of them agree, then there is no trouble. But if what they say, the office staff do not like and what the office say, they do not like, in between, what is it I can do? Added to that, they enquire what it is that Swami would like to be done. Do I want all these things?”

As an instance, one interesting thing happened here recently. A devotee came here and offered to supply a Kavacham (outer cover) for the Meru Prasthara Sri Chakram* made of copper with a silver plating over it. The Asramam authorities, however, wanted the cover to be made of pure silver. As they could not agree on this issue, they decided to refer it to Bhagavan and so came to the Hall. On behalf of the Asramam authorities, one of them approached Bhagavan and asked him with great reverence, “They say that they will make the outer cover for the Sri Chakra of copper plated with silver while we all feel it would be better for it to be made of pure silver. What is Bhagavan’s advice in the matter?”

Bhagavan: “What have I to do with it? It is all right in whatever way it is done. Both of you come to an unanimous decision and do that which you have decided to be the best.”

Enquirer: “Swami, we wish to know what Bhagavan would like us to do.”

Bhagavan: “That is exactly what I am saying. That which you all agree to do in mutual consultation will be to my liking. If both of you give different opinions, what can I do?”

Enquirer: “As we hold two different opinions, we are enquiring in order to find out what Bhagavan would like best.”

*A wheel representing the universe.

Bhagavan: “Oh, I see. You want to know what Bhagavan would like best! What Bhagavan likes best is to remain silent without doing anything. If people with different opinions give up theirMowna (silence) which is the embodiment of love, and come to me and say, ‘We will do this,’ and ‘We will do that,’ and enquire of me what I like better of the two, what can I say? If you all agree upon a course of action and then ask me for my opinion, I would then say it is all right. But when you are of two opinions, why do you come to me and ask me which I like the better? What I like is, to know who I am and to remain as I am with the knowledge that what is to happen will happen and what is not to happen will not happen. Is that not right? Do you now understand what Bhagavan likes best?” So saying Bhagavan assumed silence.

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