Hunting the I – Obstacles and Pitfalls

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Obstacles and Pitfalls

The one which soon will betray itself as a great deposit of obstacles is the so-called mind, with its main qualities, restlessness and dullness. Don’t try to attain something! Sadhana is meant to remove only. Deny reality to everything, including yourself. It is not you who realises the Self; the Self reveals only itself. To whom? To Itself only. Don’t fight against your ‘I’! Every resistance is strengthening the ‘I’ because the motive-power behind resistance is ‘Will’! Don’t suppress either! Because a suppressed thought, feeling or intention is bound to rebound! The mark by which this pitfall is recognised is ‘I’ have realised…. This ‘I’ can only be a ‘wrong I’, because it is not the ‘I’ that realises.

With this idea he gives his ‘personal I’ a strong chance to develop into a ‘spiritual I’, which is much worse than his original quite ordinary ‘I’, strengthened by all his previous spiritual effort. The result is a spiritual pride, the worse the more advanced the sadhaka has become, because his attainments, serve only to confirm his ‘right’ to be proud of his success.

His is a journey like that in fairy-tales, when the hero has to go through many adventures, to fight against many enemies and even demons, to win the princess at the end. The further he proceeds, the mightier the obstacles. The new and definitive disguise of his ego …. I is ‘the Guru’, and this last and most powerful pitfall never releases him, because he never recognises that he is its victim. There are nowadays many whose Guru-pitfall caught them even much earlier on their path.

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