GARLAND OF GURU’S SAYINGS – Invocation to the Guru

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1.Invocation to the Guru(1)

To save from dire despondency Those who yearn for, and yet are, far,

Far from the goal of final Freedom,

This Lamp of Guru’s wisdom lit To put to fight the illusion of “I”

And “mine”, shines as the very Self.

Part I, The Quest

1. Actuality of the World


As several ornaments appear In gold and share its glitter, all beings

Moving and unmoving appear In Self alone and shine as such.

Apart from Self nothing exists.


With mind turned inward, drown the world In the great void, dispel illusion.

Beholding then the void as void,

Destroy the void by drowning it In the deep ocean of Self-Awareness.

6. Illusory Appearance


Without the body, the world is not. Without the mind, the body is not.

Without awareness, there is no mind.

And without being there is no Awareness.

45. Of Non-Attachment


From the mind’s fortress held by foes, Innumerable memories, one by one

They issue. With the wonder-weapon Of self-enquiry slay each thought As it comes out in the open,

Till at last you have retrieved The citadel of your own heart.

51. The Heart (261)

Though present everywhere, the Heart Is not within and not without.

The body which alone admits Of in and out is but a concept

Of the thinking mind.

53. Guru’s Grace


Those on whom the guru’s glance Of grace has fallen are like the deer

Caught in a tiger’s jaw. They are bound To have their wretched ego slain And know the one supreme Awareness. They will never be forsaken.

56. Reverence to the Guru


After surrendering to the Guru Body, mind and all belongings,

To still regard these as “I” and “mine” Is taking Backa gift once given.

Strict avoidance of this sin Is pure worship of the Master.

62. Infinite Vision


Those with physical eyes alone See God in beautiful objects,

Yogis see Him in the heart-lotus;

Priests see Him in the sacred fire.

The truly wise have a thousand eyes And see Him everywhere.

63. Ego – Less


In deep sleep where the world is not, And “I” as body too is not,

The Self as Being persistent shines. Hence the true I, one must agree,

Is only the immutable Self.

68. Freedom from Bondage (383)

The separate self is but the mind Drunk with and reeling under the notion

That it is bound. This very mind When it stands steady, still, desiring Nothing and proud of nothing Becomes the Self supreme.

71. Awareness


Is it not because of you and yourself Awareness that you now perceive

This universe? If you observe Awareness steadily, this awareness Itself as Guru will reveal The Truth.

77. True Being


Present when we do not search And absent when we truly see,

The petty mind’s illusive serpent Sinks, disappears and merges

In the rope of Self-awareness Which now as sole Reality Alone abides.

80. Self Surrender


“Give yourself to God”, they say.

But is it ours to give, not His already? Now at least let us repent

The theft and at His lotus Feet Restore what we had stolen.

84. Meekness


Beholding in all beings but the Self, Meeker than all and even meeker

Than His humblest devotees,

By virtue of such meekness the Supreme Achieves supremacy.

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