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Publisher’s Note

The most comprehensive collection of the Maharshi’s sayings is Guru Vachaka Kovai (The Garland of Guru’s Sayings) composed and strung together artistically by the poet Muruganar. In this massive Tamil work of 1282 stanzas (1254 being Muruganar’s handiwork and 28 the Maharshi’s), each stanza presents, in a well wrought and finely polished setting, a pearl that fell from the Master’s lips. Not only are these stanzas arranged in the most logically effective order, under 231 chapters, but most of them were seen and approved by the Master, who has supplied some links and re-statements of his own to emphasise a point or tighten up or clarify the argument.

The Garland focuses the light on what the Maharshi said regardless of when or why he said it, and the sayings are strung together in a manner which is intellectually satisfying.

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