At the Feet of Bhagavan – Collected Works

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(7) Introduction to the Collected Works

It was about 1927 when Sri Bhagavan’s Nool Thirattu in Tamil was under preparation to be published. At about 10-30 in the night, as I was passing beside the Hall, Sri Bhagavan looked at me and said, “Why not you write the preface yourself?” I was taken aBackat His proposal, but meekly said, “I would venture to write it only if I had Bhagavan’s blessing in the task.” Bhagavan said, “Do write it, and it will come all right.”

But as I had taken the written sheets of paper only a few steps away, Sri Maharshi beckoned me to show them to Him once again. I had concluded the Preface in the following way: “It is hoped that this work in the form of Bhagavan’s Grace will give to all who aspire to eternal Truth, the Liberation in the form of gaining supreme Bliss shaped as the taking away of all sorrow.” Maharshi said, “Why have you put ‘It is hoped’? Why not say ‘It is certain’?” So saying, He corrected with His own hands my ‘nambukireri into ‘tinnam’.

Thus Sri Maharshi set His seal of approval to the book, giving to His devotees that great charter of Liberation, in the form of His Teaching (upadesa) which leaves no trace of doubt about it in the mind.

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