At the Feet of Bhagavan – PREFACE

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It is my proud privilege to write about my teacher, Sri T. K. Sundaresa Iyer. He was not only a bhakta of the highest order but also an erudite scholar, though he did not possess any academic qualifications. His knowledge of English, Sanskrit and of course Tamil, was vast and deep. Added to these, Sri T. K. S., as he was addressed affectionately by all, acted as an interpreter to English-speaking visitors in their conversations with Sri Bhagavan. He also replied to correspondence received by the Ashram on spiritual matters, consulting Sri Bhagavan every time he had to reply to specific spiritual questions. Thus he acquired a full and comprehensive knowledge of Sri Bhagavan’s teachings which have been incorporated in this book. His reminiscences of the Master portray the beauty, tenderness and compassion of Sri Bhagavan’s personality. The narration of Sri Bhagavan taking care of the cracked egg is, perhaps, the standing example for this. His language is simple but in content its richness does not lag behind any similar spiritual literature.

He has helped many seekers, including myself, in clarifying the path of Ramana. There are still many who unhesitatingly express their deep debt to Sri. T. K. S. for their spiritual maturity. I can, without hesitation, affirm that he was not only a Rishi in appearance but also in experience.

September 1, 1980 V. Ganesan (Managing Editor , The Mountain Path)

Holy day of Sri Bhagavan’s Advent at Arunachala , Sri Ramanasramam

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