Day By Day With Bhagavan 29-12-45

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29-12-45 Night (Selection)

Then Mr. P. C. Desai quoted Bhagavan’s “Upadesa Saram” in Sanskrit to the effect, “When you investigate the nature of mind continuously or without break, you find there is no such thing as the mind. This is the straight path for all.” The visitor again asked, “It is said in our scriptures that God it is that creates sustains and destroys all and that He is immanent in all. If so and if God does everything and if all that we do is according to God’s niyati (law), and had already been planned in the Cosmic Consciousness. is there individual personality and any responsibility for it?”

Bhagavan: “Of course, there is. The same scriptures have laid down rules as to what men should or should not do. If man is not responsible, then why should those rules have been laid down? You talk of God’s niyati and things happening according to it. If you ask God why this creation and all, He would tell you it is according to your karma again. If you believe in God and His niyati working out everything, completely surrender yourself to Him and there will be no responsibility for you. Otherwise find out your real nature and thus attain freedom.”

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