Day By Day With Bhagavan 11-11-45

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11-11-45 Morning

Maha Vir Prasad, Chief Engineer, U. P., who has been staying here for about twenty days, asked Bhagavan, “I find it said in Maha Yoga that in the beginning of meditation one may attend to the breath, i.e.. its inspiration and expiration, and that after a certain amount of stillness of the mind is thereby attained, one can dive into the heart seeking the source of the mind. I have been badly in want of some such practical hint. Can I follow this method? Is it correct?”

Bhagavan: “The thing is to kill the mind somehow. Those who have not the strength to follow the enquiry method are advised pranayama as a help to control the mind. And pranayama is of two kinds, one of controlling and regulating the breath and the other of simply watching the breath.”

Prasad: “During meditation I sometimes attain a state lasting for about fifteen minutes, during which I am not aware of anything and am free from all thoughts. Some have told me that such a state is what may be called yoga nidra and that one should guard against such a state as bad.”

Bhagavan: “One should endeavour to get beyond sleep.” (For some reason Bhagavan did not answer further the query put by Prasad). I thereupon advised Prasad to read Crumbs from the Table, where this particular matter is dealt with. Bhagavan also asked us to take a copy of the book and give it to Prasad. We did so.

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