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This morning a person came and prostrated himself before Bhagavan at the dining hall. He almost touched him, and as I was wondering who it could be, the person announced himself to Bhagavan as Vasu and Bhagavan said, “Is it you? If you had not said it, I should never have recognised you. You have gone down so much.” The visitor replied, “I find I must say the same about Bhagavan,” To this Bhagavan said, “Why, what is the matter with me? Probably because you are reduced, your eyesight has also become reduced and I appear reduced to you!” Later, in the hall, Bhagavan introduced this gentleman to all present and said, “This is the Vasu who caught hold of me when returning from an oil bath one hot day to Skandasramam and I had that experience of what seemed like utter collapse with even the heartbeat stopping.” Then Vasudeva Sastri said, “I was then too young. I did not even know that it was death. But because Palani Swami started crying, I thought it was death and I caught hold of Bhagavan and I was trembling with grief.” Bhagavan said here, “I could even in that state clearly see his trembling and emotion.” V. added that, after Bhagavan recovered, he told V. and Palani, “What? You thought I died? Did you believe I would die even without telling you?”

Bhagavan also said, “This is the person who, when we were in Virupakshi Cave a tiger came that way one night, hastily ran into the cave leaving us in the verandah, shut the door and then cried to the tiger, ‘Come on now. What can you do’?” V. said, “Once Bhagavan and I went round the Hill during the Skandasramam days. When we reached near Easanya Mutt about 830 a.m., Bhagavan sat on a rock and said with tears in his eyes he would never again come to the Asramam and would go where he pleased and live in the forests or caves away from all men. I would not leave him and he would not come. It became very late. We went there about 8 or 8-30 a.m. and even when it became 1 p.m. we were still in this deadlock. Bhagavan asked me to go into the town and eat my food and then come Backif I wanted. But I was afraid that if I went Bhagavan would go away somewhere. Meanwhile, the Swami of Easanya Mutt very unexpectedly came that way. Ordinarily it could not be expected he would have come there at that time at all. But strange to say, he came that way and he persuaded Bhagavan to go with him to Easanya Mutt. I left Bhagavan there and ran up to the town for my food and came Backswiftly, fearing that Bhagavan might have left. But I found him there and we both came to Skandasramam afterwards.”

When this was mentioned, Bhagavan said, “Another time too I wanted to run away from all this crowd and live somewhere unknown, freely as I liked. That was when I was in Virupakshi Cave. I felt my being there was an inconvenience and hardship to Jadaswami and some other Swamis there. But on that occasion my plans were frustrated by Yogananda Swami. I tried to be free on a third occasion also. That was after mother’s passing away. I did not want to have even an Asramam like Skandasramam and the people that were coming there then. But the result has been this Asramam and all the crowd here. Thus all my three attempts failed.”

In another connection also Bhagavan mentioned this Vasudeva Sastri today. Mr. G. V. S. read out a Telugu stanza composed by him on celebration of birthdays (yesterday was G. V. S.’s birthday, it seems). When this was read out, Bhagavan said, “It is this Vasu and others that wanted to celebrate my birthday first in 1912. I was quite opposed to it. But Vasu pleaded with me : ‘It is for us and so Bhagavan should not object’ and they celebrated it that year for the first time.”

In the afternoon, Sundaresa Iyer’s grandson (about a month old) was brought by Mr. Narayanaswami Aiyar into the hall to Bhagavan, his daughter following behind. Bhagavan took the child into his hands, when it was offered by N. Aiyar and said, “I was wondering whether you were bringing some doll. He is looking at me and smiling.” After holding the child, Bhagavan was about to return him to N. Aiyar, when his daughter ran up to Bhagavan and, showing a red mark on the child’s abdomen, said, “There is this red mark on the child. Further he had Brahma mudi (literally, knot of Brahma) at the time of his birth.” Bhagavan looked at the birthmark and then returned the child. The girl continued and said, “We don’t know whether this mark and that knot are good. Mother asked me to ask Bhagavan. Are they good?” Bhagavan was pleased to say, “All is only good”. I consider these people extremely lucky and I believe all will be well with this child in his life. Bhagavan further remarked, after the child was returned and was seated on his grandmother’s lap, “It is to attain the state of this babe that all yoga is performed. This babe, what thoughts has it now. It does not even blink its eyes.” Then the child’s mother began singing M. V. R.’s “Saranagati” song. Bhagavan turning to G. V. S. said, “Do you know what happened to this girl? She was living at Cawnpore on the second or third floor and, though there was a tap, it seems water would not flow up there. But she turned the tap and sang this song and then water flowed, it seems. That is a siddhi. When the father went to her, she said, ‘I will show you a miracle’ and repeated the performance before him.”

When the birthmark was shown and there was talk about it, Bhagavan said, “I too have a red mark on the sole of my right foot. But the mark on this child’s abdomen is big.” Then T. S. R. said, “Mr. Ramaswamy Iyer has sung that Bhagavan’s feet had become red on account of the burning tears shed at His feet by devotees and another writer has described the red mark as the anklet (pada chilambu) mark of Nataraja.”

Vasudeva Sastri recounted another incident, which he had seen:-

“One day, when we were at Skandasramam, I was aghast to find a scorpion climbing up over Bhagavan’s body in the front and another at the same time climbing down his back. I was terrified and wanted to do something. But Bhagavan remained calm, as if nothing happened, and the two scorpions, after crawling over his body as if over a wall, eventually left him. After they left, Bhagavan explained to us, ‘They crawl over you just as they would crawl on the floor or a wall or tree. Do they crawl over these, stinging as they go? It is only because you fear them and do something that they fear you and do something in return’.”

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