Day By Day With Bhagavan 17-7-46

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This morning Bhagavan was speaking about a letter from Mr. Pande, Principal of a college at Khatmandu, telling about an incident that Mr. Pande has already described in the Souvenir volume. A. N. Rao and I wanted to see it, so Bhagavan asked for the letter to be shown to us. This is the incident :- Pande went to the great temple in Tiruvannamalai on the evening of his departure. When he entered the innermost shrine the lingam of Arunachalam was pointed out to him, and the young man who was with him, also a devotee of Bhagavan, cried out : ‘Arunachala! Arunachala!’; but Pande could not see any lingam but only the face of Bhagavan whichever side he turned – everywhere the face of Bhagavan!

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