Day By Day With Bhagavan 3-3-46

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3-3-46 Morning

A visitor quoted verse 33 of Ch. 3 in Bhagavad Gita and asked Bhagavan, “Are we then to do nothing and simply allow the senses to go their own way?”

Bhagavan: It only means actions will go on, according to the gunas or prakriti of the man. They cannot be prevented. But, that is the very reason why man should acquire jnana and thus become unaffected by the consequences of such action. The verse says, “Acquire jnana and be unattached to the actions and their consequences.”

Bhagavan said this after saying, “Let us see in what connection this verse occurs,” and looking up the verse in question. Then I remembered that once before I asked Bhagavan about this very same verse, and then Bhagavan pointed out to me the very next verse in which we are directed not to yield to the senses. I mentioned this for the guidance of the visitor. Bhagavan had told me then that, if the two verses were taken together, it could not be contended that Gita teaches ‘Don’t restrain or attempt to restrain the senses, because what does restraint avail?’

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