Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Swami Rajeswarananda

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Swami RajeswaranandaBack


Swami Rajeswarananda, born in Madras, got his name as a sannyasi of the Ramakrishna Order. He edited The Call Divine during its first twelve years. He authored Erase the Ego and Teachings.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi was the personification of emancipation, the source of supreme peace, and the boundless ocean of freedom. His solemn presence lifted us beyond our body and mind to our true Self. The truth of Self-realization, in his holy presence, was as if coursing through our veins, pulsating in our bosom, tingling with every drop of blood and becoming consonant with our very heartbeats. His words make us even today rest on the Glory of our Self, the infinite, the eternal and the deathless. His silent and sacred look imparted Self-knowledge that became a part and parcel of our constitution and the very vitality of our life. Sri Ramana was the wonder of the world with the perfume of spiritual peace. His life is a study in divine illumination based on the dynamic silence. All worries and wounds of the world simply melted in his presence like ice before fire.

No school of philosophy, cult, creed, yoga and the like could claim Sri Ramana, as he did not fit easily into any ready-made classification. He lived free and remained free and let every one remain free likewise.

A sage, a philosopher, a recluse, an incarnation of God – all these terms do not adequately describe him. All these fall flat since he transcends them. He was unique in remaining true to himself and being himself. He was in himself the quest and the find.

He set before us, as the glory and goal of life, the realization of the full divine consciousness of our Self. He proclaimed the Absolute as the Self, ‘I Am’ in each individual life. He was himself a testimony for such an august revelation that always stands at the very doorstep of one and all. His was the cure-all that could restore the human race to its lost heritage and happiness.

Sri Ramana kindles in every one of us an awareness of the spiritual glory within. Bhagavan’s gospel is a practical expression of Self, the Reality, Intelligence and Bliss.

Sri Ramana stands for the unity of existence, the non-duality of the Godhead and the harmony of religions. His teachings are refreshingly plain and powerful. They throw open the floodgates of the soul and make the living waters of the highest consciousness rush forth. His gospel, free from any dogma or doctrine, is not hampered by the fossilised traditions. It is as broad as the sky, as deep as the sea, and as universal as the rays of the sun. He awakens in every one of us the dormant Divinity.

His very life was a practical demonstration of the reality of Brahman, the Supreme Self. His gospel reveals clearly the divinity of the soul, the oneness of humanity and the indivisibility of the Godhead, not as articles of belief or opinion, cult or creed, dogmas or doctrines but as the truths of his own experience.

Even a single word from Bhagavan’s holy lips was enough to enable us to carry it all through our life, to stir the soul, and awaken it to its intrinsic immortality and infinity.

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