Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Rama Varma Appan Tampuran

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Rama Varma Appan TampuranBack


His Highness Rama Varma Appan Tampuran, B.A., was Maharaja of Cochin (Kerala). He came to Sri Ramana in the 1930s, when he was not the Maharaja. The visit had a profound effect on him. The following is from his introduction to the Malayalam biography of Sri Ramana by Appunni.

There is no limit to the surging rise or to the subsiding tranquility of the mind. Nor is there any limit to its powers to chastise or control and to confer a blessing. The mind is indeed the cause of both happiness and misery, of enjoyment and of liberation. If it is recognised that samsara is nothing but a work of the mind, then the mystery of the cycle of births and deaths will be revealed.

The search for the mind has to be made within oneself. Selfknowledge can never be achieved and realised through scholarship. The path to Self-realisation is not easily accessible and it is extremely difficult to tread. For this, faith and devotion and an ardent aspiration for liberation are essential.

Self-realization dawned all at once for the Maharshi. The light of the Self shone forth suddenly like the flash of lightning. The Supreme Lord of the universe lifted him with His sacred hand and established him at the very centre and source of Being, Awareness and Bliss. It is perhaps on account of this we find in much of the teachings of the Maharshi, ultimate knowledge revealed rather than the path leading to it, giving preeminence to the end rather than to means.

The sorrows of the distressed, the doubts of earnest seekers, the disbelief of the sceptics who come to test him, and the pride of the high and mighty, verily perish in the mere presence of the Maharshi. His sacred abode confers peace and even induces spiritual trance which yields the Bliss of Self-realisation.

The praise of the Maharshi like that of Sri Krishna is delightful and beneficient alike to the worldly-minded sunk in the whirlpool of egoistic attachment and wallowing in the ditch of blind infatuation, as well as to those who seek liberation. It is indeed our good fortune to live during the lifetime of such a distinguished and great Sage. Blessed are the devotees who spend their time in his presence.

The life of the Maharshi is not the biography of an individual but radiance of the universal self; not the expression of body’s acts but manifestation of the Spirit within.

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