Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – N. Ramachandra Rao

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – N. Ramachandra RaoBack


N. Ramachandra Rao authored Sri Ramana’s first biography in Kannada.

I was a school teacher in Ooregaum. After my retirement I settled down in Bangalore. I first came to know about the greatness of Bhagavan in 1918. Immediately I went to Tiruvannamalai and met him at the Skandasram. He enquired about my name and the place from which I had come, and graciously asked me to partake of food at the Ashram.

His darshan, his gracious enquiry, his affectionate feeding, had a tremendous impact which cannot be adequately described in words. Just as a magnet attracts a needle, I got attracted to him. Thereafter until Bhagavan’s mahasamadhi I used to visit and stay with him whenever I got an opportunity.

A few months after my first visit, I took my wife with me. Bhagavan, with great love made us sit on a platform and served us food with his own divine hands. I cannot adequately praise the rich sweetness of the holy prasadam we ate from his hands. My wife often used to feel

sick and could not eat any food. When we consulted the doctors they said that hers was a case of tuberculosis and hence nothing could be done. However, one day Bhagavan appeared in her dream and blessed her. Thereafter, to the great surprise of all, she was completely cured of her disease without any medical treatment.

In the evening, we felt an intense desire to worship Bhagavan’s holy feet. Even though it was against the custom of the Ashram, and his disciples would not permit this, Bhagavan out of his abundant mercy knowing our ardent desire brought about a situation wherein those present went out for sometime for one reason or another. And we could offer pada puja to our heart’s content.

But when I again went in 1923, he firmly declined repetition of the puja as was done by us earlier. It looked as though Bhagavan avoided traditional worship in view of the increasing number of visitors, who could also have asked for the same privilege. Moreover, Bhagavan was very much against worshipping his physical form in any manner.

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