Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Swami Muktananda

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Swami MuktanandaBack


Swami Muktananda was the founder of the well-known ashram at Ganeshpuri near Mumbai.

Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi was a great saint who always occupied a high place of reverence in the minds of people; his divine personality endeared him to all beings. The word ‘Ramana’ means ‘One who plays’ (rameti iti Ramana). You may call him ‘atman or ‘Guru’; both are synonyms indicating the same divine power of which this universe is a game.

Ramana Maharshi was a divine soul, completely detached, beyond all differences, highly self-restrained and playfully living in the ocean of transcendental consciousness. I had the good fortune to be in his company just for three days. Even during that short stay I found that anyone entering his presence even for a moment would experience the state of a fully realized soul in a transcendental state, beyond all thoughts. Some believed him to be a siddha or great saint, and some believed him to be an incarnation of God. Anyone going even once to the Maharshi felt as if the Maharshi belonged to him.This was because he really belonged to everyone and everyone to him.

Wearing only a loincloth, he used to sit relaxed on a sofa, but still he looked more attractive than even the most richly attired princes because, as my revered gurudev Nityananda used to say, the Maharshi was beyond body-consciousness, beyond all attributes and beyond dualities. This indicates that he was on a plane far above the body pain and pleasure, a plane inaccessible to most of us mortals. Realization of the Self was all-important in his teaching: to everyone who asked he unhesitatingly gave the advice to meditate on the Self, worship the Self and know the Self. This is because, according to Vedanta, there is nothing worth knowing, hearing or seeing except one’s true Self.

The path in quest of truth shown by him will remain accessible to all for a long time to come, because he proclaimed absolute truth which remains unobstructed at all times, in all places and under all conditions. His message appears to some the oldest among the old, to others the newest of the new. Actually it is ancient and modern at the same time because the concepts of old and new are imposed on the Self by others, while it is really ageless and eternal. Some people call the present times a new age, but according to the Maharshi all things, old or new, are projections of the same eternal truth.

Those who loved the Maharshi got from him the true supreme bliss attained by means of jnana, yoga and bhakti. He is the ever-adorable Great Soul. My adorations to him.

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