Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – K.S.Venkataramani

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – K.S.VenkataramaniBack


K.S.Venkataramani, M.A., B.L., was Adviser to the former Alwar State (Rajasthan).

Truth or Reality is indescribable, and words obscure more and reveal less. Words take us nowhere in Self-realisation. Therefore, nothing like an immersion in Sri Bhagavan’s immediate presence.

His presence kindles your swanubhava and sets you on the immortal path of Self-enquiry. His silence ambushes your hundred doubts of the mind in his presence.

Sri Bhagavan is an ocean of tranquility. There is Peace in his presence that passeth all comprehension. He greets you and clasps you not by the monkey-hand of the mind, but by the invisible divine feelers of his heart. He touches you by a fourth-dimensional touch: the touch of the Master that detaches the mind from the fetters of its own dear ego-world.

How infinite is the Grace of Sri Bhagavan, but how little we profit by it! He rolls on sublimely like a deep river in flood, unmindful of the wastefulness and the ignorance ofthe human dwellers on the banks. There is an elemental sublimity about Sri Bhagavan like that of the winds and the waves, the sun and the stars.

Sri Bhagavan’s sovereign sadhana for Selfrealisation is ‘Selfenquiry’. It requires no asana or yogic ritual, but a strenuous turning of the mind inward. It is the shortest though the most rugged short cut to attain the sublimation of the mind. It is a process that makes the mind first fatigued, annoyed and churlish. It may set free at first only dense smoke and no spark, like green fuel on fire. But if you persist long enough, you will be surely rewarded with the flame of illumination, smokeless and glowing.

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