Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Justice N. Chandrasekhara Iyer

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Justice N. Chandrasekhara IyerBack


Justice N. Chandrasekhara Aiyar was High Court Judge at Madras.

I paid my homage to the sage only twice, and was struck by his large luminous eyes, through which the very soul peeps into us, as it were.1

When he fixes his keen gaze on us, it looks as though he is seeing the inner clockwork of a mechanism in a transparent case; and you get the feeling that a mild current of grace is flowing into you from him.

He is a veritable storehouse of spiritual energy and wisdom. He radiates shanti or Peace, and those who come into contact with him feel a subtle, pervasive and godly influence greatly spreading over them. Such men belong to a superlative category of their own. He speaks very little, but when he does speak his words roll out slowly, with deliberate and telling effect. His silence is however more eloquent than his speech. The tremor of his head is suggestive of the famous Upanishadic teaching – not this, not this.

Perfect detachment, indifference to pain and pleasure, absolute renunciation, true mental equipoise are hallmarks of the Indian rishis. Sri Ramana belongs to this great hierarchy of Seers.

To be in his presence is by itself a stirring experience in the elevation of the soul; to receive a few words of counsel from him is a rare blessing; to be the recipient of his benediction is to be assured of a special fortune.

1. Refer Paul Brunton (no. 1): ‘In so far as the human eyes can mirror divine power, it is a fact that the Sage’s do that.’ A Search in Secret India.

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