Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Mudaliar Patti

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Mudaliar PattiBack


Mudaliar Patti and her family were greatly devoted to a saint who before his death told Mudaliar Patti and her son Subbiah that a great fortune was awaiting them at Tiruvannamalai, where they would have darshan of a jnani and also a great opportunity to serve him.

When Subbiah got up after prostrating before Bhagavan, he experienced a peace and bliss that he never had before. In 1909, the family rented a house in Tiruvannamalai and Mudaliar Patti started getting food to Bhagavan everyday. By the time she died in 1949, she had brought or sent food continuously to Bhagavan, without missing a single day, for forty years. Even when the Ashram expanded to the point when hundreds of meals could be cooked everyday, she contributed her mite, and Bhagavan always insisted on having some of it on his plate, and would not eat before Patti’s offering had arrived.

On one occasion the Maharshi told Mudaliar Patti that she was serving him more food than he could eat. She retorted with great familiarity that she was doing nothing of the sort and shoved another handful on Bhagavan’s leaf-plate, remarking, “It is all a matter of mind, isn’t it?Laughingly, the Maharshi confessed defeat and remarked, “She is paying me Backin my own coin.

After losing her eyesight Patti expressed a wish to see Bhagavan. When a devotee led her to Bhagavan’s presence, someone nearby asked, “Granny, you have no eyesight to see Bhagavan, why did you come?” Her faith-filled reply was, “It does’t matter if I can’t see Bhagavan’s body, my body can be seen by him, and that is more than enough for me.

After her death, at Bhagavan’s instance her body was not taken to the cremation ground but buried within the compound of her house, which was not far from the Ashram. Her body was made to sit crosslegged in padmasana, as it is done with the bodies of sannaysis. It was garlanded, sprinkled with sacred ash and camphor and buried. In no other case had Bhagavan intervened in this way, whenever anyone ofhis devotees died.

Many years after her death, someone purchased her house. Having got the advice that a samadhi in the compound would be inauspicious, the new owner dug up Patti’s body, cut up its remains and scattered them a long distance away from his land. Sometime later, the new owner was killed in a train accident, the impact of which was so severe that his body got cut into several pieces.

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