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Shanti (pseudonym) visited Sri Ramana in 1943.

I had earlier sent a letter to the sarvadhikari, who took me to the dining hall where Sri Ramana had gone for his breakfast. He introduced me to Bhagavan, who welcomed me with a soft and affectionate look. I prostrated and when I got up he made a sign to take my seat nearby, and I did so. From the moment Bhagavan’s eyes fell on me, my heart went out to him in spontaneous love and reverence. The way he ate his food, the way he sat, the way he walked, the way he talked, were remarkably calm, and so very different from the manner of ordinary men. It was only now that I understood the significance of Arjuna’s question to the Lord in the Gita [2. 54], regarding the sthitaprajna.

At about 9 a.m. Bhagavan came to the meditation hall and we too entered the hall and sat facing him. For the first time in my life, I realized how dynamic shanti could be. Peace seemed to emerge from

Bhagavan and fill the hearts of one and all. In his presence, the mind became calm and tranquil of its own accord and consequently doubts and questions became few, and finally vanished. I was very happy. I felt kritakritya (one who has accomplished), and my heart softly whispered within me the words, ‘dhanyoham, dhanyoham(I am blessed, I am blessed).

I had a desire to dedicate a Sanskrit stanza to Bhagavan, but my knowledge of the language was not so much as to compose a verse with any degree of confidence. In my heart I prayed for his grace to fulfil my wish. That noon, when I got up from my usual siesta, a stanza occurred to me. Apparently, without any conscious mental process, a poem was formed in my mind ready to be transcribed. My prayer had been granted. With great joy I wrote it down on a piece of paper, took it to Bhagavan and placed it at his feet. He read the stanza twice and asked me to put the words ‘Sona Sailam’ for the words ‘Ramana Maharshi’. I changed the fourth line which read, “I meditate on Sona Sailam (Arunachala)”. Thus Bhagavan revealed to me that he was none other than Arunachala or Dakshinamurthi [Refer annexure-V, p. 415], who by his sublime silence expounded to his devotees the mysteries of Self knowledge. At that time it struck me so and my eyes were filled with tears of delight and gratitude.

According to Viveka Chudamani, the flight of steps leading to jivanmukti begins with satsanga, the company of sages and saints. Our Bhagavan is such a soul. I think we are too near Bhagavan’s time to see him in correct perspective ofhistory. As years roll on, his spiritual grandeur will assume Himalayan proportions.

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