Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Thelma Rappold

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Thelma RappoldBack


Thelma Rappold, an American, had come to India and travelled all over to find a guru. She landed in Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, where she learnt about Sri Ramana, and was with him during 1947-50.

On my way to Sri Ramanasramam, when I was in a state of reverie, Sri Ramana appeared to me as a sort of dream. When I actually saw him, it was the same face that I had seen in my reverie. I was really, really shocked. When I sat in his presence, I felt that my little ego had slipped away. I opened my heart and let those beautiful waves enter into me. It seemed that the so-called problems I thought I had, just vanished. I went through a cleansing process.

It always amazed me how Sri Ramana sat absolutely quiet and motionless, yet his eyes were so penetrating. When I had questions I did not verbalize them, because it wasn’t necessary; the questions were answered almost immediately. It was our means of communication. It was a mind-to-mind connection.

When I first met Sri Ramana, he told me: You are what you are – accept it. When the time comes to give it up do it with grace. As the years went by, I kept trying to ‘open’ as much as possible. I recognized that we all choose our suffering because we do not open up and accept what life brings; we don’t find out ‘who’ it is that is experiencing the suffering. I had never, at any pervious time in my life, really let go and tried to just ‘be’. When we can do this, love just pours out.

At the Ashram I had found my true home and teacher. It was as if I had lived several life times in those few years that I was with him. The person who came to him in the beginning was not the same person that left. I had understood how to open up the power locked within me.

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