Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Gouriammal

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Gouriammal visited Sri Ramana in Virupaksha cave as a child with her father, an earnest devotee. She lived in her house in Ramana Nagar, opposite the Ashram.

When I asked Bhagavan what I should do to be on the spiritual path, he said, “Do what you want to do but keep doing it; don’t remain doing nothing. Repeat the name, or think deeply or seek the source of your ‘I’ consciousness, do atma vichara, but keep working on yourself.

This is very important.

Once a well-meaning but ignorant devotee insisted that Bhagavan should take the glass of orange juice that he had brought. Bhagavan said. “If you give anything to me without giving it to all, it will be like poison to me.” When the devotee said that next time all would be given orange juice, Bhagavan said, “What is the use because I tell you? You should know by this time that they are all myself and what you give to them you are giving me.”

Once my sister’s five-year old son was bitten by a snake and in desperation she brought the child to Bhagavan. The doctors had given up hope. The boy was perspiring profusely and was in great pain. The child was already stiff with glazed eyes and was breathing heavily. The mother was weeping inconsolably. When Bhagavan saw her he said, “Do not weep. It is nothing.” He passed his hand over the child and within a few minutes the boy recovered his senses and sat up. As the mother was leaving, she saw a Muslim devotee in front of the hall. By profession he was a snake charmer and a snakebite healer. He said, “Now the child is safe, but the poison is still in his body and I had better chant some charms to get it out.” He did so and asked her to go. Bhagavan had saved the child but wanted the snake charmer to take the credit.

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