Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Prof. D. Gurumurthi

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Prof. D. GurumurthiBack


Prof. D. Gurumurthi came to see Sri Ramana during his last days.

On the day of our visit, we found Sri Ramana walking a few steps to the verandah with great effort. His body looked extremely weak, pale and limp. He could scarcely stand the weight as he moved forward. But the moment he ascended the seat and settled down for one-hour public darshan, a marvellous change came over him. It was as though he was summoning the spirit to dwell visibly in his body. His face shone radiant with peace. It was a marvel of conquest over the body.

As devotees advanced to the presence of the Maharshi and bowed down in utter faith and fervent dedication, vibrations of power could be felt. At every bow a wave of devotion would flow towards the sage, and there would come a powerful flood of benediction from him to the devotees on the ground. A veritable miracle was being performed. An aged body bent down by terrific penances, exhausted and enfeebled by a mortal illness, and yet the immortal spirit of the emancipated sage triumphed over the weakness of the body, which was resplendent and shedding benign grace on the assembled devotees. Few among mankind have had the great privilege of participating in such a spiritual feast.

When I sat in the evening session of darshan, a question formed in my mind. What will happen to the hundreds who will be deprived of this spiritual nourishment? As I was mentally addressing this question to Sri Ramana, radiance was felt by me. His physical form before me gradually became shrunken, smaller and smaller and vanished into radiance. As the radiance grew deeper and more powerful, I felt I had the answer to my query. Even though the body may disappear, concentration of spiritual power which was focused round it will continue to shed its influence. And as long as one can put oneself into attunement with that form and with that radiance, one would draw spiritual sustenance.

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