Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Uma Devi

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Uma Devi, a Polish lady (Wanda Dynowska), converted to Hinduism, has authored The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, which attracted seekers from Poland to Sri Ramana. She translated the Gita into Polish. She started a publishing house that printed many Indian texts in Polish. She was a frequent visitor to the Ashram.

She told the Maharshi about her vision of Siva and asked him as to how it could be everlasting. Sri Ramana told her that a vision depends on the subject. It would appear and disappear. The value of the vision is the same as of the ‘seer’. A vision can never be eternal. Therefore enquire ‘Who am I?’ Sink deep within and abide in the Self.

When she asked as to how to effect it as quickly as possible, the reply was: There is no question of time. Surrender to Him and abide by His will, whether he appears or vanishes, await His pleasure. If you ask Him to do as you please, it is not surrender but a command. You cannot have Him obey you and yet think that you have surrendered. He knows what is best and when and how to do it. Leave everything entirely to Him. His is the burden, no longer you have to have any cares. All your cares are His. Such is surrender. This is bhakti.

Or enquire to whom these questions arise. Dive deep in the Heart and remain as the Self. One of these two ways is open to the aspirant.

Think of the man who sees only the cloth and not the cotton of which it is made, or the man who sees the pictures moving on the screen in a cinema show and not the screen itself as the background; or again the man who sees the letters which he reads but not the paper on which they are written. The objects are the consciousness and forms. The ordinary person sees the objects in the universe but not the consciousness in these forms.

One cannot see God and yet retain individuality. The seer and the seen unite into one Being. There is no cogniser, nor cognition nor the cognised. All merge into One Supreme Siva only.

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