Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – T.S. Narayanaswami

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – T.S. NarayanaswamiBack


T.S. Narayanaswami, a professional from Madras, went to see Sri Ramana just two months before the mahanirvana.

Ramana Maharshi was a seer such as those bom on this earth once in a millennium. My cousin and I went to see him compelled by sheer curiosity; we had no desire for spiritual advancement. We had heard that the Maharshi was afflicted by sarcoma on his arm and he was bearing the pain without any sign of suffering. In the opinion of the doctors who attended on him, any other person would have been crying aloud with pain, characteristic of this malady.

We entered the hall with a feeling of wonder and curiosity, as we wanted to have a look at this remarkable man of God. We took our seat along with other men. At seven in the morning appeared the tall, frail frame of the Sage. Clad only in a loin cloth, with an indescribable radiance on his face, he seated himself on a raised platform. Cries of Annamalaikku Harohara (Hallowed be the Lord of Arunachala, Siva) went up in the air as he took the seat.

He then cast his glance over every member of the audience. Seated by my side was the chief minister of Mysore, K.C. Reddy, who was a great devotee of the Maharshi. The entire gathering sat still for about fifteen minutes in pin-drop silence. Then suddenly something within impelled me to rise from my seat, proceed to where the Maharshi was seated, and prostrate myself for a second and a third time before I resumed my seat in the rear row of the audience. I still remember the Maharshi nodding his head twice and casting his loving and gracious look at my face, which was suffused with awe and reverence. To me it was like Dakshinamurthi [See annexure-V] Himself sitting before me, speaking to me through His benevolent eyes in solemn silence, a silence that was truly eloquent. I could feel a thrill, an ecstasy, and the calm of the great peace that filled the heart!

We took leave of the Ashram and with a wrench of the heart made our journey to Madras where the humdrum life of cares and anxieties awaited us. Looking Backwith nostalgia, our visit to the Ashram and the darshan of the Maharshi turned out to be the most fortunate happening and the most momentous event of our lives.

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