Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Seshadri Sastrigal

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Seshadri SastrigalBack


Seshadri Sastrigal, who studied at the Ashram Veda Pathasala, served in the dining hall.

Once when I was serving buttermilk to Bhagavan, I found I had no more left with me. Bhagavan asked me, “Could you get some more buttermilk for me?” This was very unusual as Bhagavan had never asked for a second helping. I went into the kitchen, got some more and served him. After tasting it he said, “There seems to be some difference between the buttermilk you served me earlier and this.” As I did not know the answer I went to the kitchen and asked the cooks. They told me that the buttermilk served later was intended for the servants. Bhagavan asked, “Why not the same for everybody?” From next day onwards, everyone was served the same buttermilk.

During the rationing days, boiled wheat used to be served to the devotees, instead of rice. One night, instead of wheat, rice was served on Bhagavan’s leaf. When the sarvadhikari, who happened to be present, was asked by Bhagavan as to why he got rice and others wheat, he said, “Wheat is not good for Bhagavan’s health.” Bhagavan retorted, “Oho! Are you a doctor? Serve me the same as is served to others. Make no discrimination.”

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