Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Sankarananda

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – SankaranandaBack


Sankarananda, an Andhra, was an officer in the postal department.

As a result of a long practice of mantra japa, he attained mano-laya, i.e., stillness of mind. He lost interest in all worldly things and could not attend to his duties either in the office or at home. He used to come and see Bhagavan often. Once he came to Bhagavan on a six-month leave. He sat in the hall and soon lost outer consciousness. One day, even after the lunch bell was rung he sat unmoved. Bhagavan brought him Backto consciousness by giving a mild push with his foot and took him to the dining hall.

Since mano-laya would not lead one to the ultimate Truth, Bhagavan asked some senior resident devotees to take him to the temple in the morning and to Samudram lake in the evening and engage him in one way or another throughout the day and talk to him about the path of self-enquiry, thus preventing him from relapsing into laya. For many days this process of keeping him awake in the daytime continued. After sometime, by the grace of Bhagavan he became normal. At the end of his leave he returned home and began to lead a normal life. He also earned a promotion.1

1. It was Sankarananda who later took the sarvadhikari to Burma to procure teakwood for the Matrubhuteswara temple.

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