Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Keerai Patti

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Keerai PattiBack


Keerai Patti – the first lady to supply food to Sri Ramana on a regular basis.

Regarding Keerai Patti1, Sri Ramana says, “Even when I was in Arunachaleswara Temple, she was staying on the hill [in the mandapam of Guhai Namasivaya Temple] and was visiting me now and then. After I went to Virupaksha Cave [in 1899] she began coming to me frequently.

“She used to go out before sunrise, wander about the hill and bring Backleaves useful for cooking. She would cook them tastefully, bring me a handful and persuade me to eat. She never failed to do so even once. Sometimes I used to help her in cooking by going to her place and cutting the vegetables. She had great confidence in me. She used to go to the town daily, obtain rice, flour, dhal and the like by begging at various houses. Once in a while she would prepare gruel with flour and dhal and bring it with vegetable curry, saying, ‘Sami, Sami, yesterday one good lady gave me a little flour. I have made some gruel Sami.’

“When she could not find any vegetable she used to sit depressed. On such occasions I would climb the tamarind tree and pluck some tender leaves for her. She was thus somehow supplying me food everyday. She had great devotion. Even when eighty, she used to wander about all over the hill.

“Once, at midnight a thief got into her place and was trying to get away her things. She woke up and cried at the top of her voice, ‘Oh, Annamalai, Thief, Thief.‘ Her cries could be heard at Skandasram, where I was. I shouted Backsaying, ‘Here I am. I am coming. Who is that?’ So saying I ran down in hot haste. Hearing my shouting the thief ran away.

It was believed that she was born later as cow Lakshmi. (See annexure -IV, p. 414)

1. In Tamil Keerai means green leaves and Patti means grandmother.

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