Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Atmakuri Govindacharyulu

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Atmakuri GovindacharyuluBack


Atmakuri Govindacharyulu, a known freedom fighter of Andhra Pradesh, first visited the Ashram in 1944-45.

One day as I was dwelling on the name of Rama I heard ‘Ramana, Ramana.’ The sound was pleasant. I don’t know why it gave me great joy. The yearning to see him grew day by day. Finally one morning I reached the Ashram and went to the hall. I joined my hands, prostrated and stood up and began to reflect, ‘How is it that this head which had bowed to none but Mahatma Gandhi has prostrated?’ The mind which had worshipped only Rama, becomes subdued here! It is inexplicable!

I sat down on the floor near the Sage’s feet and began to gaze at his countenance. Five minutes passed. Suddenly he turned his gaze upon me and I could not stand it. My hair stood on end and an unknown force began to rise throughout my frame. I prayed, ‘Thou alone art my refuge!’ Later, when introduced to the Sage, from the depth of that placid human statue a smile emerged that seemed to say, ‘Don’t I know him?’ That smile, mingled with that look of grace, stirred me deeply, and made me tremble like one who has passed through blazing fire. I could not bear to look at that face radiant like the sun.

The Maharshi is an ocean of peace. Whoever sets eyes upon this sea or sits near it even for an instant, cannot fail to taste supreme peace, their mental movement held, be it only for a while. Such is the grace of this transcendent yogi, such is his motiveless activity. Whoever gathers at his feet, he will not fail to shed on them at least a drop from his unfathomable ocean of tranquility. He will not fail to shower on them the transcendent seed that ends the ego and yields peace. He waters the fields of their hearts with the elixir of devotion that passes unperceived from his heart.

His handwriting is like a string of pearls. The style and the exposition of the Truth are outstanding in his poems. What is impossible for the perfect adept who has grasped the essence of all sciences? He knows everything. I offered him my book Govinda Ramayana.

I stayed for three days and only once or twice a day I heard him speaking. He rules all through silence. On the third day of my arrival, I drew near the sea of love and prostrating said, “I take leave, bless me.He looked at me and nodded his head in assent. I stood transfixed, arrested by the power of that look. I came out of the Sage’s hall with peace in my heart. I said to myself, ‘I am blessed.’

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