Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Ramakrishna Madhavpeddi

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Ramakrishna MadhavpeddiBack


Ramakrishna Madhavpeddi, an Andhra and an attorney at the Madras High court, visited Sri Ramana in April 1948.

I first visited Ramanasramam when 24. At that time I was very much depressed owing to the sudden death at the age of twenty of my very close relative [his wife]. My father was urging me to visit the Maharshi. He had already visited him twice, with a list of doubts all of which were cleared, without a single word being spoken by him. He had also experienced complete peace in the Maharshi’s presence.

It was about 9 a.m. when I reached the Ashram. I was asked to stay in the Guest House for Gents. As luck would have it, there I chanced to occupy my place on the floor next to N. Balarama Reddy [No. 34], an established devotee. In addition to my work in the courts, I also wrote articles for various journals on Telugu literature and dabbled in poetry. This helped in striking a conversation with him.

He took me where Sri Ramana was reclining on a sofa and asked me to sit with eyes closed. Although there was absolute silence in the hall I could not sit with eyes closed. I was restless and felt as if the time was dragging. Slowly, my mind began to reflect on all my miseries, one after another. Everyday, for three days, I accompanied Reddy to the hall, and every time I sat down my thoughts would take off at high speed and my misery increased. So, on the third day, I told Reddy that I had come to the Maharshi for peace but I was only experiencing an increase of pain and misery. He asked me to stay on for one more day.

On the morning of the fourth day I was sitting in the hall with eyes closed. At one point I happened to open my eyes and saw the Maharshi looking at me intently. Suddenly, all thoughts vanished from my mind and I experienced a delightful blank or void. Then a resplendent light enveloped me fully. I was empty of thoughts but full of immense happiness. I was one with some indefinable peace and splendid glory. After sometime, I again became aware of my body. This experience made me believe in God for the first time. In spite of all my theories of Marxism, dialectical materialism and atheism, I could not deny the truth of this wonderful experience.

This condition continued for three days. I witnessed my body go through its daily activities but I remained fixed in that immense peace. The Maharshi’s look pierced into me when I sat before him and even when I was not before him. The eyes of the Maharshi are the kindest and most powerful energy of the universe. I left the Ashram after six days. Remembering those days with the Maharshi brings ecstasy to me even today.

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