Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Lakshmi Ranganadham

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Lakshmi RanganadhamBack


Lakshmi Ranganadham was affectionately referred to as ‘our Lakshmi’ by Sri Ramana.

I came to Bhagavan through my brother Narayana Rao. I stayed in Tiruvannamalai with my mother, and used to visit the Ashram. Chinnaswami was then doing the Ashram cooking all alone. I was asked to assist him in the kitchen. One day while I was grinding rice for the next day’s iddlies, suddenly Bhagavan came there and asked, “Why are you doing it all alone?” Then He also sat with me and completed the grinding. Even now my hairs stand on end when I think of it!

Bhagavan could be stern when we made mistakes. Once I made some puris which were to be served in the afternoon. I fried them in oil, but also made a few in ghee. I placed the specially made ones on top, so that I could quietly serve them to Bhagavan. Everything was distributed. When all was over, Bhagavan called me and said, “Lakshmi, don’t do this again. Ifyou try to differentiate, I will never touch any ofyour preparations.How did He know what I had done? I never repeated the mistake. Bhagavan’s words were so powerful that one’s entire being got changed with a single word of His.

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