Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Prapatti Satakam

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Prabhakar, after getting convinced of Sri Ramana’s greatness, wrote Prapatti Satakam in Sanskrit.

When I came to Bhagavan in 1949, I was a pure rationalist, averse to anything spiritual. Though I had heard about Bhagavan and had seen his photos, I ignored him. However, a total change in my life took place suddenly. One night, Bhagavan appeared in my dream. In that dream my boss pointed to Bhagavan and asked me whether I knew Him. On replying in the negative, I was told that He was none other than Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi and that I should go to Arunachala and have His darshan. I replied that I felt no such need, and in any case had no money to travel. My boss offered to give me the required money, that is, Rs. 60. At this point, I woke up from the dream. I hesitated to narrate the dream to my boss, though I did to one of my close friends, who persuaded me to approach the boss with the story.

One day I picked up courage and narrated my dream to the boss, avoiding the portion dealing with money. The boss was unmoved. He said, “Give more attention to your job and save some money to pay for the trip to your Bhagavan.” But before I could move away from the place, there was a sudden change in the boss’s attitude and he asked, “Do you really have a deep desire to visit Bhagavan?” On my replying in the affirmative, he asked me how much money I would require. And even before I could open my mouth he wrote a cheque for Rs.60! Receiving the exact amount indicated in the dream, I felt that it was all Bhagavan’s Grace, and immediately left for Tiruvannamalai.

More thrilling than this was the fact that while entering the hall I felt as if Bhagavan was looking intently at the entrance to the hall and waiting for someone to arrive. As soon as I entered, He gave a beaming smile and a welcoming nod! For the first time in my life, I did ashtanga namaskaram to anyone. At the very first glimpse of Sri Bhagavan, I became a full-fledged bhakta!

I asked Bhagavan, “Did you summon me?” He nodded His head in assent. I repeated the question twice; Bhagavan nodded each time. This stabilised my bondage to Bhagavan. During my stay I used to ask questions and Bhagavan would reply to every one of them. Once Bhagavan told me, “You say I am Prabhakar. Who is this Prabhakar? Why do you accept that you are Prabhakar? Your parents called you so; you being a rationalist, why should you accept it? Who is this Prabhakar? Use your reasoning faculty and search for ‘who you really are’? Then, the Prabhakar of this particular form and name will drop off and the real being alone will shine.

In spite of odds and obstacles, I led a peace-filled life because of my faith in and devotion to Bhagavan. I got all this not due to the excellence of my reasoning power or spiritual maturity but because of the lustre shed by Bhagavan on me.

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